Hope Thrives is a 501(c)(3) and purchases may be eligible for tax deductions.

About Our Jewelry

The Uniqueness and Details Surrounding Jewelry

Whenever possible, Hope Thrives chooses to support our local businesses in Houston seeking the highest quality materials for students to design and handcraft unique jewelry.   At times, you will find that no two pieces are exactly alike and this is for a couple reasons.   First, many students have been trained to volunteer their time and skill to make jewelry in order to raise money for local high-quality Houston charities serving at risk and special need students and families.   We want to provide our jewelry makers with creative freedom.  Second, all natural materials have natural variations.  We seek out the finest quality natural materials to maximize quality, creativity, and originality and they inherently have slight variations.

  • All of our jewelry is named after qualities observed by our volunteer high school students who have worked directly with at-risk and special needs children and families. The names chosen have real meaning and will help transform perceptions about our special Houstonians which will allow others to see their everyday beauty and enviable qualities in a new light.
  • Regarding jewelry, all suede and leather is purchased locally in Houston.
  • Pearls are purchased by local pearl buyers who travel abroad to find us a wide variety and range of pearls to appeal to both students and adults.
  • The silk used for jewelry is a one-of-a-kind silk which uses a one of a kind process handmade in the USA.  
  • When relevant, we use 14K yellow gold and sterling silver hardware unless identified otherwise.
  • Gemstones like sapphires, emeralds and rubies are real, unbaked, all natural, totally untreated and purchased from legitimate gemstone dealers.
  • Pricing ranges from $14 and up and we offer items to appeal to a broad audience with diverse tastes.
  • We offer a custom capability so colors of silk and suede can be changed if it suits your preferences better for a certain style of jewelry. Custom orders typically take up to three weeks to fill depending on the number purchased.
  • Lastly, we offer an easy donation function to fuel our efforts to build bridges and support those who are doing an exceptional job of meeting the needs of children and families currently at-risk and falling through the cracks in the system.


Our goal is to appeal to wide audience as 100% of proceeds from the sale of every piece of jewelry is donated to charity.   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@hopethrives.org.

We thank you for your open mind and open heart as we make a difference with  Houstonians and support them to thrive beyond imagination!

Example of the Quality of Materials Used by Hope Thrives:

100% of all silk is hand dipped, using a bias cut ribbon dyeing process which produces a unique look with subtle qualities that cannot be found in traditional silk dyeing. The process creates almost zero waste and generates a lasting work of art.

Silks are colorfast (after washing) washable, dry-cleanable, 100% silk are bias cut which gives them a nice body or stretch.  Selectively and over time cut edges will fray naturally creating an organic look to the jewelry.   At times, we do this intentionally to create a different look to the jewelry.

The silk is pre-washed, washable, dry-cleanable and 100% silk.  Dry the silk necklaces by laying them out to air dry.   The bias cut intentionally gives them a dramatic drape. The cut on the bias means in a continuous spool; there is a seam every two yards and raw unfinished edges will naturally soften with wear.  Seams are finished with silk thread to help create a seamless appearance with length.

The hand dyed process produces a unique look that has subtle qualities that cannot be found in traditional dyeing. In conventional dyeing the yarn is first dyed in a vat and then loaded onto a loom where the strands are woven together. In this hand dyeing method all of the action happens while the bias cut spool is tightly wrapped, that pressure resist influences where and how the dye is absorbed.   This enables beautiful ombre combinations and a unique look to solid colors.

For more examples of silk, see the custom tab on the website.