Hope Thrives is a 501(c)(3) and purchases may be eligible for tax deductions.

Charities We Support

100% of all proceeds from the purchase of every piece of beautiful jewelry handmade by Houston high school students will go directly to these charities.

We picked charities that have a  4 or 5 star ratio of donation dollars reaching the children in Houston and that we have had personal experiences with them, too.  

  • Nehemiah-Center-Houston
  • Ronald-McDonald-House-Houston
  • The-Lighthouse-of-Houston
  • Kids-Meals-Houston

Nehemiah Center of Houston

Academic, emotional, cultural, social and spiritual enrichment for at-risk children.


The Nehemiah Center’s mission is to provide assistance to low income families who are invested in seeking a better future for their children through education, emotional wellness and spiritual enrichment. Our motto is “Neighbors helping neighbors create a safe haven in which children are motivated, inspired and equipped to realize their God-given potential”.


The Nehemiah Center serves and follows children as toddlers through their college years by engaging and retaining family participation year after year, creating the opportunity to build trust and a sense of community through relationships. The Nehemiah model is a holistic approach to building children’s lives, minds, hearts and spirits by working with the entire family.


Nehemiah Center was founded by members of First Presbyterian Church who tutored students at McGregor Elementary School in Houston’s Third Ward. They were concerned about the children’s academic deficits, crime-ridden neighborhoods and lack of affordable after school care. The group of tutors wanted to create a safe haven for these children. They applied and were granted exemption from federal income tax under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code for the Nehemiah Center in August 1995. Then, they raised about $300,000 to purchase the current property and remodel the building to create classrooms and offices. The Center opened its doors with 22 students in January 1996. Today, the Center works with over 500 children and their family members annually.

Ronald McDonald House Houston

Keeping families close when they need it most.

Ronald McDonald House Houston offers a home away from home providing care, compassion and hope to families with seriously ill children being treated in Texas Medical Center member institutions.

This mission has been the vision and driving force behind Ronald McDonald House Houston for more than three decades. Today that vision has grown to include:

  • Holcombe House a freestanding 50-bedroom home for longer term stays
  • House inside Texas Children’s Hospital with 20 bedrooms
  • House inside Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital with 14 bedrooms
  • Four Family Rooms inside Texas Children’s Hospital
  • Family Room inside MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital
  • Cookie Corner inside Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus

When a child becomes critically ill, the nearest treatment might be far from home in an unfamiliar community and medical center. Whether the child is facing cancer treatment, an organ transplant or recovering from a major surgery, this treatment might require long periods of hospitalization and extended periods of hospital-based therapy.

It is very important to the child’s healing that the family is able to stay close to their young loved one. The costs for an extended stay hotel, months of parking fees or traveling from home to the hospital and extra meals adds up quickly. And staying alone in a hotel room is lonely.

Ronald McDonald House Houston offers an affordable and comfortable place to stay where families have the chance to take their mind off their stress so they can be most helpful and supportive to their child and the other siblings. A nap, snack, hot meal, shower or even a chance to talk with another mom and dad is restorative and nurturing during an anxious time.

The Lighthouse of Houston

Who we are

Established in 1939, The Lighthouse of Houston is a private, nonprofit education and service center dedicated to assisting blind and visually impaired people to live independently. The Lighthouse serves approximately 7, 000 people each year and is a member agency of the United Way of Greater Houston. The primary goal of the Lighthouse of Houston is direct service to the individual. This includes not only providing direct service, but a continual commitment to improving the quality and relevance of this service. All other organizational activities and functions are in support of this primary focus and have as their goal the development and dissemination of better service designs and interventions in order to enhance the optimal functioning of the individual.

The Lighthouse receives financial support from a variety of sources including the Lighthouse Foundation, United Way allocations, government service contracts, contributions, industrial product sales and fees for services. A board of directors provides organizational oversight, while an appointed president and CEO leads a management team.

What we do

The Lighthouse of Houston offers a wide variety of educational programs, community services and outpatient rehabilitation for the blind and visually impaired.

The Center for Education & Adaptive Technology and the Community Services Center are located at 3602 W Dallas. These centers are the main site for Lighthouse programs and services. This main location serves as a central campus uniting Lighthouse programs, services and administrative functions, providing easy access to all of our resources and educational and training programs.

The Lighthouse of Houston Industrial Division is located at 3530 West Dallas. The Industrial Division produces disinfectants, detergents, glass cleaners and floor care products to fulfill Federal and State contracts.

The Lighthouse also provides Residential Services at its Living Centers.

Kids' Meals

Meals on Wheels for Preschool Children


Our mission is to end childhood hunger by delivering free, healthy meals to the doorsteps of Houston's hungriest preschool-aged children.

Kids' Meals is a first-responder to children ages five-years-old and under facing debilitating hunger due to extreme poverty.

Who we serve

Food Insecurity

Having limited or unreliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

Negative Impact on Children

  • poor performance in school
  • reduced attention in class
  • behavioral issues
  • increased school absences
  • higher risk of obesity
  • higher risk of suicidal or depressive tendencies

What we do

Our mission is to end childhood hunger by delivering free, healthy meals to the doorsteps of Houston’s hungriest preschool-aged children.  Kids’ Meals is a first-responder to children ages five-years-old and under facing debilitating hunger due to extreme poverty. Every weekday, year-round, from 9 a.m. to noon, volunteers prepare thousands of healthy lunches consisting of a sandwich, snack and 100% juice or milk.  Our six vans deliver the meals M-F to children enrolled in our program.  We currently serve six Houston-area routes that target zip codes all located within Beltway 8, where the need is critical.

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