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Agreeable - Custom

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Anthracite Matte Bleached
Azalea Buff Suede
Azalea Glazed Bleached
Baby Blue Glazed Bleached
Biscuit Matte Bleached
Black and White Glazed
Black and White Glazed Diamond
Black and White Natural Matte Diamond
Black and White Natural Molorous Matte
Blazing Cognac Glazed Diamond
Blue Glazed Multi Color
Bluet Glazed Bleached
Bluet Matte Bleached
Bone Matte Bleached
Brown and Taupe Multi Color Natural Matte Diamond
Brown Glazed Multi Color
Brown With Gold Glazed Multi Color
Burgandy Glazed Bleached
Champagne Glitter
Citrus Matte Multi Color
Cocoa Brown Glazed Bleached
Cranberry Glazed Bleached
Cyclamen Glazed Bleached
Dusty Rose Matte Bleached
Emerald Glazed Bleached
Forest Green Matte Bleached
Fuchsia and Brown Glazed
Fuchsia Glazed Bleached
Gold Glazed
Gray Natural Buff Suede
Green and Silver Glazed Multi Color
Green Matte Bleached Python
Icoiris Glazed Multi Color
Light Brown Matte
Mandarin Glazed
Mandarin Matte Bleached
Mink Matte Multi Color
Mustard Galzed Bleached
Mustard Glazed Multi Color Diamond
Pastel Glazed Multi Color
Pastel Matte Multi Color
Pastel Pink Matte Bleached
Pastel Yellow Glazed Bleached
Patte Green Buff Shedded
Patte Green Glazed Bleached
Pink Glazed Bleached
Pumpkin Glazed Multi Color
Pumpkin Matte Multi Color
Purple and Green Glazed Multi Color
Purple Glazed Diamond
Purple Glazed Multi Color
Purple Multi Color Glazed
Red Glazed Diamond
Saddle White Glazed Bleached
Silver Glazed Bleached
Sky Glazed Bleached
Sky Matte Bleached
Sun Buff Suede
Sun Matte Bleached
Taupe Glazed Bleached
Taupe Glazed Diamond
Taupe Glazed Gold Multi Color Diamond
Taupe Matte Bleached
Teal Glazed Bleached
Tigeris Eye Diamond Glazed
Turquoise Glazed Diamond
Vivid Blue Glazed Bleached
Vivid Blue Glazed Multi Color
White Glazed Bleached
White Matte Bleached
Yellow Glazed Diamond
Yellow Matte Bleached

Product Details
  • 1" wide bracelet, fits wrists 6-9" in size
  • 14K gold closure

Hope Thrives python jewelry is guaranteed to be made of authentic python over a leather base. The skins are hand layered over leather for durability and flexibility. None of these elements are imported from China, plastic, artificially manufactured, stamped on leather or lesser materials to look like genuine python as many vendors do to maximize profits. All python sold by Hope Thrives are authentic and come from unique skins in Texas. Variations in color and pattern occur as these are one of a kind materials which vary naturally. Like our early ancestors did, all parts of the python are used for food, tools, science or decorative items, like jewelry.

All-natural materials are used in this hand-crafted jewelry, slight variations can be expected. Handmade by Houston, Texas high school students.

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