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  • 23.4 carat freeform Boulder Opal from the Lightening Ridge Mine in Australia measuring 30 mm in length by 10 mm wide.  Like all opals we sell it has not be treated using any method. Quality bolder opals are completely natural and reflects the stunning beauty of the earth and, like all boulder opals, the back of the opal is solid stone.
  • The Boulder Opal is formed in the cracks and crevices of natural ironstone and sandstone over millions of years.   All boulder opals are one of a kind.  No two are alike.  And, it is one of the few opals that cannot be created in a synthetic environment or lab.   A true investment.   
  • This amazing Boulder Opal contains irrodecent bright green and cobalt blue gem quality fire among the gold coloring within the stone.  
  • The necklace is a handmade and handformed in a 14K yellow gold scalloped setting with white topaz stones surrounding this beauty.    
  • The oval link chain is 14K gold, adjustable from 16" - 21".
  • Boulder Opals are the second most valuable opal next to the black opal from the Lightening Ridge mine in Australia from which this stone was purchased.

All-natural materials are used in this hand-crafted jewelry, slight variations can be expected. Handmade by Houston, Texas high school students.

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