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Magnetic Mindful Set

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  • 40" Cobalt Blue Suede Leather Necklace, adjustable
  • Twenty-nine 10-12 mm white round freshwater pearls
  • The necklace is not knotted with the exceptions of the ends which allows you to move the pearls as you desire
  • 27" cobalt blue suede leather choker and necklace
  • Seven 10-11 mm white round freshwater pearls including;
  • Three pearls in the center of the necklace knotted on the ends and
  • two 10-11 mm white round freshwater pearls separated by 2" knots for a fine finish to the end of the necklace.

All-natural materials are used in this hand-crafted jewelry, slight variations can be expected. Handmade by Houston, Texas high school students.

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